Unwrap the Box with Ashley Haws Guyton

Unwrap the Box with Ashley Haws Guyton

Assembling custom made gift boxes is our way to express our passion for anything Greek of incomparable quality. This is how we get closer to you. But this time we want to turn the spotlight on the people that inspire us. So, this is the fifth episode of the "Unwrap the box" interview concept and we're feeling extra excited today! Our guest for this episode of "Unwrap the Box" is Ashley Haws Guyton. Out of a lifelong love of travel and a deep curiosity about history and cultures around the world, Ashley started a travel company called Curious Nomad Travel, LLC. Her company focuses on small group culturally immersive travel in Greece – especially Crete because it is relatively undiscovered by Americans and offers amazingly transformative travel experiences!

We are curious about what she has to share with us! Five questions, 5 minutes, words that will stay with us forever! #begreek

If you were to put in a box your favorite memory, what would that be?

Hiking along the Libyan Sea from Agios Ioannis, Crete, to the secluded and picturesque 14th c. Koudoumas Monastery.  Along the way taking in the wild and indescribably beautiful scenery, the sound of wind through the pines punctuated by tinkling sheep and goat bells. Arriving at the meditative sound of monks chanting prayers before lunch. Dining with the monks and fellow hikers on a simple, fresh and indescribably delicious lunch lovingly prepared each day by Erini. Receiving Erini’s wide smile and hug and feeling completely at home. This magical experience slowly revealed the rich layers of Crete’s physical and spiritual beauty and filled me with immeasurable joy and a deep fondness for Crete.

What’s the one thing that always reminds you of Greece?

Sorry but I have to list two! The color blue of the sea and sky and the genuine and tireless hospitality of the Greek people.

What would be a perfect gift from Greece?

A return plane ticket!!! If not, then locally made items like the komboloi beads that I purchased from Chic Greek Gifts for my September 2019 guests. My guests wear them back in the US and are reminded of their “trip of a lifetime” to Greece. You certainly cannot go wrong with local olive oil, wine or honey.  But to date, my favorite gift (to myself) is a pair of exquisite handmade gold earrings in the likeness of the Minoan honeybee. They are a perfect reminder of how much I love Crete!

Have you ever tried to make from scratch something for a loved one?  Was it a success?

Yes and I think each time the gift was treasured… mainly for the effort and thought that went into it, not necessarily my fine craftsmanship.  I enjoy needlepoint and have made many personalized belts and Christmas ornaments as gifts.  An idea for Chic Greek Gifts perhaps…needlepoint belts, keychains, etc. with motifs of Minoan bees? The Greek flag? Greek mythology???

If your summer vacation were a gift box, what island of Greece would be a part of it and why?

CRETE!  I can’t think of another Greek island where you can see as many layers of history and evidence of so many different cultures.  You find this in archaeological sites and museums, the architecture, even the food.  The equally diverse and spectacularly scenic topography of rugged mountains and gorges, fertile plains, and clear blue sea provides limitless opportunities for favorite outdoor activities like hiking, boating, and swimming.  But back to food!  Almost everything you consume is harvested right from the island or surrounding sea…unbelievably fresh and flavorful…and perfectly complimented by the tastiest olive oil and palette-pleasing wines and raki.  The traditional Cretan music and dances are mesmerizing, and every experience is accompanied by the very best hospitality!

Today's episode of Unwrap the box interview concept with our guest Ashley Haws Guyton is now over. We rarely meet people with such high vibration and it was definitely a unique experience! 

Who's next to come? Stay tuned