Unwrap the box with George Xiradakis

Unwrap the box with George Xiradakis

Assembling custom made gift boxes is our way to express our passion for anything Greek of incomparable quality. This is how we get closer to you. But this time we want to turn the spotlight on the people that inspire us. So, this is the fourth episode of the Unwrap the box interview concept and we're feeling extra excited today! Today's guest is George Xiradakis, a shipping man, a charming nature with a brilliant career path, who has been offered a wealth of titles. But the title, which describes him the most is "authentic". 

What does he have to share with us? Five questions, 5 minutes, words that will stay with us forever! #begreek

If you were to put in a box your favorite memory, what would that be?

A very emotionally charged moment that is engraved in my memory until this day is associated with my daughter's birth. The beginning of the life cycle, the moment that reminds us of how it all begins. People are used to focussing in pleasant moments, but moments like that one, that is a combination of every single emotion on the spectrum, are perhaps more important to me. When I recall in my memory all the other emotions that accompanied the joy of my daughter’s birth I feel more alive than ever.

What’s the one thing that always reminds you of Greece?

I think that our country is accurately described by the color blue. The true essence of Greece is actually constituted of various shades of that color. The sea, that even on days that are furious still holds on to that deep blue. The sky, that even in the middle of a hard winter graces us with at least one day that wears its bright blue coat. And lastly, what reminds me of Greece a lot is the seagull. These birds despite their delicate shape, they are tough birds, with ingenuity and increased adaptability

What would make a perfect gift from Greece?

Greece produces so many high-quality products that anything eatable would be an amazing choice. The perfect assemblage of a true Greek gift would be: a good quality extra virgin olive oil, a bottle of ouzo, raw honey, saffron and mastiha of course, a handmade organic bar of olive oil soap and lastly a charm with the ‘mati’ symbol, so you can be sure that you always hold a piece of Greece with you.

Have you ever tried to make from scratch something for a loved one? Was it a success?

Indeed I had. One of my biggest passions in this life is the sea. So I regularly find myself by the beach. There I collect old wood that is washed out on the shore. And I give them shape, I turn them to use everyday objects or I create art from them. I like to act along with nature and the power of the sea because we as Greeks are part of it!

If your summer vacation were a gift box, what island of Greece would be a part of it and why?

Although I am coming from one of the most beautiful places of Greece, aka the Pelion mountain, that is full of beaches and has a perfect coastline that reminds you of an island, it is extremely difficult to choose just one island, I think I would definitely put Crete in my summer vacation gift box. The reason is that this island feels like a miniature of Greece. It has a bountiful variety of features with mountain villages, long sandy beaches, rocky bays as well as a nightlife that you usually find in a large city. Crete for some reason provides a kind of radiance, unlike any other place! And because I am a history and archaeology enthusiast, well to me is my kind of paradise on earth!

Today's episode of Unwrap the box interview concept with our guest George Xiradakis is now over. 

Who's next to come? Stay tuned!