This summer we go to Greece

This summer we go to Greece

There are plenty of reasons why any American should visit Greece:
For its diverse beauty that combines sea and mountains, its cosmopolitan areas and others where nature remains virgin as well as for its incredible color variations.

For its rich history and its centuries-old civilization, with numerous monuments all over the country tell us where the letters, arts and sciences as well as political thinking have started.

For its modern culture that continues preserving centuries-old traditions and blends beautifully with customs and for hospitality that is part of the DNA of Greeks, the children of Xenios Zeus.

In addition, this year compared to last year, the cost of holiday for a visitor from America will be about 20% cheaper, due to the higher value of the dollar against the euro, while it will be easier to find tickets as more seats have been added to Athens by major airlines.

For an American of Greek origin, in addition to the above, the visit to Greece is a pilgrimage, a renewing of the ties with his or her birthplace and country of origin of their parents and grandparents. It is the opportunity to see relatives, familiar places, or places that they have heard in stories from their own people; to bring their children to places where their family history started and to give them the opportunity to fill their hearts with the same feelings of love for Greece and its values.

Source: Greek News

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