Why Eco-Luxury?

Why Eco-Luxury?

Tired of sending the same old holiday gift box to clients? Feeling bored with your typical speaker gift? Want to strike a special chord with attendees or a client you value? Think value added, eco-luxury inspirational themes from Chic Greek Gifts.

Why eco-luxury?

We think sustainable but since we operate in the gifting industry we still wish to keep branding classy and elegant so recipients feel comfortable with using the gift in their daily life. 

Why sustainable?

Buying sustainable gifts not only makes you feel good and the recipient feel happy, but also helps address diverse community needs that make the world a better place. So since it’s important to give a physical item to be remembered, consider something that gives back by doing so. Try out our craft boxes filled with ecological items made from local craftsmen or farmers.

Corporate gifts are an important way to say thank you: for friends and family, business or just simply to make an impact. The sort of corporate gifts you give can express your company values in a way that makes the recipient proud to be your partner, and more likely to share those good feelings with others.

Our vision for sustainability.

2020 has quickly gone from a promising year into one of the most damaging, and the estimated recovery period has already shifted back several times.

At 2020’s footsteps our company set sustainability goals which were reported through our communication channels to clients, vendors and the community.

Being sustainable is not something that can be achieved overnight. It is an ongoing process which includes actions, like minimizing the amount of plastic that you use to maximizing the local artisanal suppliers you cooperate with, and so on. We started off by setting our goals, defining self-evaluation steps to be followed and designating the time horizon when we will be ready for official ratings.