Unwrap the box with Maria Ntanou

Unwrap the box with Maria Ntanou

Assembling custom made gift boxes is our way to express our passion for anything Greek of incomparable quality. This is how we get closer to you. But this time we want to turn the spotlight on the people that inspire us. So, this is the ninth episode of the "Unwrap the box" interview concept and we're feeling extra excited today! Our guest for this episode of "Unwrap the Box" is Maria Ntanou, the Cross-country skiing Olympian and Athlete Role Model from Greece!

We are curious about what she has to share with us! Five questions, 5 minutes, words that will stay with us forever! #begreek

If you were to put in a box your favorite memory, what would that be?

It would be our family holiday in the Island of Samothraki (northeast of Greece) when I was around 13 years old. It is one of my favorite summers where my whole family (my parents and brother) reached the island without any reservation, we found the best spot/hotel in front of the sea and a fabulous seafood tavern below it. We were exploring the unique culture of this small island for ten days. We visited the local museums, we watched dolphins from the beach, we chatted with fishermen in the local port, we tasted the local food and in Pachia Amos (beach) we even had goats walking on our car that were trying to eat the leaves from the trees.

What’s the one thing that always reminds you of Greece?

It’s with no doubt the Greek cuisine. The harmonic combination of pure ingredients and natural herbs!

What would be a perfect gift from Greece?

The perfect gift for me would be an actual experience in Greece, in any part of the country.

Have you ever tried to make from scratch something for a loved one?  Was it a success?

Yes, I remember I created a collage of images and various symbols on a canvas for my friend which I can still see on her wall. So, I guess that's a true success!

If your summer vacation were a gift box, what island of Greece would be a part of it and why?

It would be Crete. It’s a destination with a strong history, culture and landscapes across the island from Agios Nikolaos to Chania. What I remember the most from my visit is the beautiful beaches and several local festivities (panigiria) with lots of dancing going on, delicious food, and plenty of celebrations. It’s an island that will surprise any traveler.

Today's episode of Unwrap the box interview concept with our guest Maria Ntanou is now over. This mesmerizing soul unwrapped her favorite memories. And oh, she took us with her!

Who's next to come? Stay tuned!