Unwrap the Box with Claire Mari

Unwrap the Box with Claire Mari

Assembling custom made gift boxes is our way to express our passion for anything Greek of incomparable quality. This is how we get closer to you. But this time we want to turn the spotlight on the people that inspire us. So, this is the sixth episode of the "Unwrap the box" interview concept and we're feeling extra excited today! Our guest for this episode of "Unwrap the Box" is Claire Mari, Line Manager Coordinator at Bahrain Royal Flight.

We are curious about what she has to share with us! Five questions, 5 minutes, words that will stay with us forever! #begreek

If you were to put in a box your favorite memory, what would that be?

The sunsets I spent in Falasarna, Chania, Crete...

What’s the one thing that always reminds you of Greece?

I can't help it but say the plethora of islands Greece is blessed with!

What would be a perfect gift from Greece?

I think everyone would be happy with a big bottle of extra virgin olive oil from Greece! I know I sure would be!

Have you ever tried to make from scratch something for a loved one?  Was it a success?

I actually have even though I would never imagine doing so. But thankfully it was a success, so I might attempt to repeat once more in the future!

If your summer vacation were a gift box, what island of Greece would be a part of it and why?

CRETE! Because, of course, it's the most beautiful, the biggest & the most diversified place in Greece. At least in my opinion but I'm sure many others share the same beliefs!

Today's episode of Unwrap the box interview concept with our guest Claire Mari is now over. She is a woman who radiates a calm force of grace and we couldn't be happier to have her as our guest!

Who's next to come? Stay tuned!