A combination of the "art of kompoloi" and the "art of loom" in a gift box! 

A special gift with a set of 4 worry beads each one in a mini traditional woven rucksack! 

Your Traditional Greece Gift Box includes: 

✻ Set of 4 Worry Beads - Kompoloi 

✻ Greek Lucky Eye Bracelet




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✻ Set of 4 Worry Beads - Kompoloi 

Kompoloi derives from the Greek words kombos which means "knot" and leo which means "say" as "in every knot I say a prayer". Its origins date back to time, when monks began making strands of beads by tying knots on a string at regular intervals in order to say their prayers to God. Worry beads depict the Greek easy-going mentality. 

Most Cretans carry a kompoloi with them at all times. One can hear kompoloi's flips and tricks in a busy kafeneion (cafe) downtown, where people play with their kompoloi in different manners, thus letting go of their stress. Nowadays, the fact that the kompoloi keeps your hands occupied has been promoted as an excellent way to quit smoking. 

Each one of the worry beads come in a traditional woven rucksack “vourgia”. Vourgia was a backpack carried by shepherds in rural Crete. Nowadays it is part of Cretan traditional costume and is also used to put keepsakes in traditional ceremonies. 

✻ Greek Lucky Eye Bracelet 

In Greece there is a belief that Matiasma will cause misfortune or injury. Matiasma means "evil eye" in Greek, and is often shortened to mati which means "eye". The classic Greek "lucky eye" symbol charm aims to ward off the effects of the Matiasma. Blue charms shaped like eyes worn on a necklace or a bracelet "reflect" the evil. The lucky eye is most commonly talked about ancient tradition in the Greek Isles. Celebrate Greek culture with a Greek lucky eye bracelet in the blue and white colours of the Greek flag. 

The Traditional Greece Gift arrives in our signature Chic Greek Gifts bag box, ready to gift right out of the mail! 

To ensure a safe delivery, we use door to door courier service. Please include a phone number at checkout, as it is required by the carrier. 

A handwritten gift message card is available too. Add a note during your checkout with the message for your gift card. 

The Gift Box measurement is 7.8”(L) x 4.7”(W) x 6.7”(H) in.

[20 (L) x 12 (W) x 17 (H) cm]

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