A meander or meandros aka Μαίανδρος is a decorative border constructed from a continuous line, shaped into a repeated motif. These patterns are well known as the "Greek Key" design. It's name recalls the twisting and turning path of the Maeander River in Asia Minor that is typical of river pathways. On another hand, "the meander is the figure of a labyrinth in linear form. It's the perfect gift for a colleague or a friend, especially if they are very keen on ancient greek tradition and art that has lasted and is still relevant for thousands of years. A timeless choice!

The Meander Motif Art Gift Box contains:

✻ A set of 2 ceramic coasters featuring the Meander's motif design

✻ A Meander themed steel Keyring / Keychain

✻ Greek Lucky Eye Bracelet




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The Meander Motif Art Gift Box contains:

✻ A set of 2 ceramic coasters featuring the Meander's motif design

A set of 2 ceramic coasters with the Meander's motif design. The Meander's motif, also known as the Greek Key symbol, is a sign of Greek style and taste, meaning a sophisticated, decorative pattern which adorned just about anything. Today it’s still very much the vogue. The Greek Key motif, usually a decorative border, embellishes jewelry, fabric, carpets, wall-coverings, carpets and magnificent buildings. The word meander, in Greek, meaning to take an indirect path, derives from the twisting and turning path of the Maeander River in Asia Minor (present-day Turkey); the 250-mile-long River, which Homer mentions in “The Iliad.” It also symbolizes a sort of strong hand clasp, used in ancient Greek gymnastics, wrestling and the pankration, a Greek form of martial art, as well as in battle. In Ancient Greece, the unbroken, interlocking pattern of the Meander (Meandros), or Greek Key, was one of the most important symbols. Why? It symbolized infinity, unity and the eternal flow of life through reproduction. The long, continuous line, repeatedly folding back on itself, resembles the perpetual flow of water, or waves, represents the eternal movement of Life. As a sign of continuation, the meander symbol corresponds with never-ending friendship, love and devotion.

✻ A Meander themed steel Keyring / Keychain

A minimal keyring with futuristic meander's motif design, made out of steel. A modern and lovely accessory for your keys with an easy opening. 

✻ Greek Lucky Eye Bracelet

In Greece there is a belief that Matiasma will cause misfortune or injury. Matiasma means “evil eye” in Greek, and is often shortened to mati which means “eye”. The classic Greek “lucky eye” symbol charm aims to ward off the effects of the Matiasma. Blue charms shaped like eyes worn on a necklace or a bracelet “reflect” the evil. The lucky eye is the most commonly talked about ancient tradition in the Greek Isles. Celebrate Greek culture with a Greek lucky eye bracelet in the blue and white colours of the Greek flag.

The Meander Motif Art Gift Box arrives in our signature Chic Greek Gifts black bag box, ready to gift right out of the mail!

To ensure a safe delivery, we use door to door courier service. Please include a phone number at checkout, as it is required by the carrier.

A handwritten gift message card is available too. Add a note during your checkout with the message for your gift card. 

The Gift Box measurement is 7.8”(L) x 4.7”(W) x 6.7”(H) in. 

[20 (L) x 12 (W) x 17 (H) cm]

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