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Four times per year get your own Chic Greek Gifts Box at your door! Every season you get a new box with a different theme chosen from Greek art, mediterranean diet, natural spa products and more.


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Each season comes with a different Chic Greek Gifts Box curated with unique products from all over Greece and a different theme.

✻ Winter - Home & Living

Winter for most of us usually means staying home so why not decorate your space with a little bit of Greece? The Home & Living edition dispatches during February.

Learn more about this gift box here: Home & Living - Mosaic

✻ Spring - Mystery

Spring is for new beginnings so this season we are sending you a box full of mystery with handmade artifacts, delicacies, self care products and more. The Mystery edition dispatches during May.

Learn more about this gift box here: Spring - Mystery Box

✻ Summer - Cosmetics

Summer is the season that makes us all shine and we are helping you achieve that with natural cosmetics made in Greece. The Cosmetics edition dispatches during August.

Learn more about this gift box here: Summer - Cosmetics

✻ Autumn - Gourmet

As the weather gets colder timing is great for tasting some delicacies! The Gourmet edition dispatches during November.

Learn more about this gift box here: Autumn - Gourmet

In case your subscription starts between two dispatch months we are sending you the box edition closer to your subscription start date. Every subscription lasts one year and includes 4 different gift boxes.

All Chic Greek Gift Boxes include a handmade lucky-eye bracelet for an WOW (!) unboxing experience!

A handwritten gift message card can be added to each box. Please add a note during your checkout with the message for your gift card.

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