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We live in what we call hustle culture and the few moments we get to be with ourselves are sometimes limited. How can we possibly cherish our time alone you may ask? How about a lovely gift box that introduces you to the best night sleep routine you could imagine. A great choice to remind you or the receiver of this gift, to simply slow down, and enjoy these relaxing moments to the fullest. Perfect gift for a colleague, a friend and a great idea for a Mother's Day gift.

The Once in a Blue Moon Gift Box contains:

✻ The Midnight Lavender Sleeping Mask

✻ The Greek Lucky Eye pocket Mirror

✻ A Housewarming white Ball Candle

✻ Greek Lucky Eye Bracelet




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The Once in a Blue Moon Gift Box contains:

✻ The Midnight Lavender Sleeping Mask

Eye mask with lavender for sleeping, travelling or for moments of rest. The natural aroma that blossoms emit helps in deeper relaxation. This eye mask can help you get rid of tension, headache, migraines and insomnia. Use it after heated for a little time in the microwave, or freeze in the refrigerator (as a cold compress) to relieve tired, irritated eyes and headaches, while at the same time will help you to relax and unwind. Ideal for yoga. It comes in complementary a fabric pouch. 

✻ The Greek Lucky Eye pocket Mirror

An evil Eye Themed round curved pocket mirror, it makes a perfect choice for all genders! It's a popular gift choice for party favors, bridesmaid gifts, teachers' gifts, and of course, for oneself. These whimsical pocket mirrors are an easy, charming gift. The simple design have an old-fashioned feel perfect for anyone's pocketbook. Plus, let’s face it: Vintage may be in right now, but vanity never goes out of style.” - Marie Claire

✻ A Housewarming white Ball Candle

A beautiful sphere candle to set the perfect atmosphere and mood for a relaxing spring afternoon thats oozes self care and relaxing vibes. 

✻ Greek Lucky Eye Bracelet

In Greece there is a belief that Matiasma will cause misfortune or injury. Matiasma means “evil eye” in Greek, and is often shortened to mati which means “eye”. The classic Greek “lucky eye” symbol charm aims to ward off the effects of the Matiasma. Blue charms shaped like eyes worn on a necklace or a bracelet “reflect” the evil. The lucky eye is the most commonly talked about ancient tradition in the Greek Isles. Celebrate Greek culture with a Greek lucky eye bracelet in the blue and white colours of the Greek flag.

The Once in a Blue Moon Nightlight Gift Box arrives in our signature Chic Greek Gifts blue bag box, ready to gift right out of the mail!

To ensure a safe delivery, we use door to door courier service. Please include a phone number at checkout, as it is required by the carrier.

A handwritten gift message card is available too. Add a note during your checkout with the message for your gift card.

The Gift Box measurement is 7.8”(L) x 4.7”(W) x 6.7”(H) in. 

[20 (L) x 12 (W) x 17 (H) cm]

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