No other tree has been so closely connected with a place as the olive tree with the Greek countryside! A gift box inspired by the love the Greeks have for the olive tree and its products.

The Olive Orient Gift Box contains:

✻ Olive Wood Stamp with Olive Wreath 

✻ Design Object "Lithi"

✻ Greek Lucky Eye Bracelet




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The Olive Orient Gift Box contains:

✻Olive Wood Stamp with Olive Wreath 

A handmade olive wood mounted stamp with the classic olive wreath and a quality green ink pad in a box. The hard wood that the stamp is made from is from the pruning of young trees, a process considered essential for the growth and health of the tree. Each block of wood is then cut, sanded and oiled by hand, using a solvent green oil which contains orange oil and brings out the exceptional grain of the wood. Share the Greek history with the olive wreath, the ancient symbol of peace and victory!

Stamp’s dimensions: 1.57” x 1.57” in. [4x4cm]

✻ Design Object ''Lithi''

This design object is called "Lithi" which essentially translates to being in a state of oblivion, to forget, and is made out of Greek marble. It contains olive oil and sea water from the Aegean Sea, which are materials that represent the sun, water and land, three of the most emblematic characteristics of Greece. It is designed to be watertight and functions as an abstract hourglass that shows the flow of time and allows you to count down til the moments that may remain, get engraved in your mind.

✻ Greek Lucky Eye Bracelet

In Greece there is a belief that Matiasma will cause misfortune or injury. Matiasma means “evil eye” in Greek, and is often shortened to "mati" which means “eye”. The classic Greek “lucky eye” symbol charm aims to ward off the effects of Matiasma. Blue charms shaped like eyes worn on a necklace or a bracelet are meant to “reflect”, push away, the evil. The lucky eye is the most commonly talked about ancient tradition amongst the Greeks. Celebrate the Greek culture with a Greek lucky eye bracelet in the blue and white colours of the Greek flag.

The Olive Orient Gift Box arrives in our keepsake Chic Greek Gifts blue box , ready to gift right out of the mail!

To ensure a safe delivery , we use door to door courier service. Please include a phone number at checkout , as it is required by the carrier. 

A handwritten gift message card is available too. Add a note during your checkout with the message for your gift card. 

The Gift Box measurement is 11.8”(L) x 5.9”(W) x 3.7”(H) in.

[30 (L) x 15 (W) x 9,5 (H) cm]

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