Perfect gift for a baby shower, a new mom, a newborn baby or a todler. Made from safe materials, in the shape of octopus with a rattle that catches babies or kids attention. Unique sea creature theme that is adorable and loved by everybody.

SAFETY: Please always use rattles, and toys with adult supervision. Adults should regularly check the items for damage and make sure they are cleaned and replaced when needed.

The Baby Shower Gift Box includes:

✻ Octopus Crochet Rattle Ring

✻ Blue Ceramic Fish

✻ Natural Sea Sponge

✻ Olive Oil Soap

✻ Mama Bracelet




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The Baby Shower Gift Box includes:

✻ Octapus Crochet Rattle Ring

Handcrafted crochet rattle in the shape of an octopus. Made from baby safe materials , yarn and wood. The rattle produces a light soothing sound, that babies love . Develops baby's basic skills of hearing, touching and seeing. Is worth-noticing that as the spiral tentacles of the octopus are being touched by a baby , they remind them of their mother's umbilical cord.

✻ Blue ceramic fish 

Fish shaped handmade ceramic decorative item in vibrant baby blue colour,that brings us in mind the light blue waters of a calm sea.

✻ Natural Sea Sponge 

This natural sponge comes in its natural state, harvested from depths of up to 50 meters of the Mediterranean sea. The tops of the plant are collected , instead of the roots, which does not harm but rather helps the rebirth of the sponge plant. Once this sustainable hypoallergenic sponge is moistened, it glides smoothly over the face, stimulating skin circulation, allowing effective cleansing , exfoliation and even distribution of your facial products. Soak it in water before use and rinse well after use. 

✻ Olive Oil Soap 

Natural Olive and Soap. Plant extracts and oils, olive stimulate and rejuvenate the skin, offering softness and shine. Prevents skin dryness and restores the water balance giving freshness and wellness.  Hand and body soap for everyday use.

✻ Mama Bracelet

Minimal, classic, adjusting bracelet with the word mama, the first word that the baby will learn and the mother will never forget! (Available also in greek: “μαμα”)

In addition to the Baby Rattle Octapus themed contents a handmade blue ------- bracelet is included. Blue charms shaped like eyes worn on a necklace or a bracelet “reflect” the evil. The lucky eye is the most commonly talked about ancient tradition in the Greek Isles. Celebrate life with a Greek lucky eye bracelet!

The Baby Shower Gift Box arrives in our signature Chic Greek Gifts craft box, ready to gift right out of the mail!

A handwritten gift message card is available too. Add a note during your checkout with the message for your gift card.

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