The Minoan Civilization is still alive through our tradition and our love for history, mythology and our land. Fitting in the shoes of our ancestors we are using their unique, inspired by nature designs to decorate our artifacts and modern accessories.

The Minoan Lilies Gift Box contains:

✻ Minoan Lilies Themed Olive Wood Stamp

✻ Scarf with Minoan Lilies Design

✻ Lucky Eye Bracelet




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The Minoan Lilies Gift Box contains: 

✻ Minoan Lilies Themed Olive Wood Stamp

A handmade 6x4cm stamp with minoan lilies design and a quality red ink pad. The stamp is made from olive wood and prints a design of minoan lilies, flowers that were grown by ancient Cretans. These beautiful flowers are hiding a legend about Zeus and his son. According to mythology, Zeus wanted his son Hercules to drink some of Hera’s milk. However, because Hercules was born of another woman, Hera refused to feed the child her milk. Sneakily, Zeus brought the baby to Hera to drink her milk while she was asleep. When she woke up and realised what was happening, she pushed them both away. It’s said that the drops of milk that fell onto the ground grew into beautiful white lilies! Minoan Lilies usually are represented in a lot of Cretan frescos. A special stamp for a unique touch on your notebooks!

✻Scarf with Minoan Lilies Design

The Prince of the Lilies is a celebrated Minoan painting excavated in pieces in the palace of Knossos on the Greek island of Crete. The reconstructed original is exhibited in the Heraklion Archaeological Museum with a replica version at the palace that includes the well known minoan lilies in the background. Honouring our Minoan past the Minoan Lilies design is used to decorate a modern, delicate scarf for every ocassion. 

Dimensions: 60x180cm

✻  Lucky Eye Bracelet

In Greece there is a belief that Matiasma will cause misfortune or injury. Matiasma means “evil eye” in Greek, and is often shortened to mati which means “eye”. The classic Greek “lucky eye” symbol charm aims to ward off the effects of the Matiasma. Blue charms shaped like eyes worn on a necklace or a bracelet “reflect” the evil. The lucky eye is the most commonly talked about ancient tradition in the Greek Isles. Celebrate Greek culture with a Greek lucky eye bracelet in the blue and white colours of the Greek flag. 

The Minoan Lilies Gift Box arrives in our keepsake Chic Greek Gifts blue box, ready to gift right out of the mail!

A handwritten gift message card is available too. Please add a note during your checkout with the message for your gift card.

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